Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Yes I am

I said to myself I wasn't going to do March Q and A's this year because most of you already know a lot about me through memes and posts but then someone asked if I would be joining in so I changed my mind and said yes I am:)

So, if there's anything my new readers (or my loyal ones:)) would like to ask, go ahead - I'll happily answer.  The questions don't have to be about TTWD.

Or maybe you have a question for P. Can't promise he'll answer but I'm sure he will.

I'll answer in a separate post which probably wont be until next week. 


Monday, 27 March 2017

A Smile for Today

Spotted over at Incessantly Spanked


Friday, 24 March 2017

In with the New - Spring Cleaning Edition

Mainly Tumblrs this edition.

Taylor Evans

Femdom Ramblings from a Submissive Male
A heterosexual submissive male that has been in the D/s lifestyle since 2004.

Sweet Cheeks Girl43
Spanking photos with commentary.

Senzo Titola
Spanking photo and videos.

Keep Me Waiting
Collection of spanking videos.

Betina Cipher
Betina a writer of kinky erotic literature. Her main avatar is Mona, a character through which Ms. Cipher’s own exploits manifest and through whom all her searing-hot fantasies come true.

Allison West
Author of 
BDSM, Science Fiction, Victorian, and Historical Erotica.

Britty Submissive
Pictures and videos from a British submissive living in NYC.

Spanking pictures and videos.

Spanking and Other Punishments
But mostly spankings!

Gentle but harsh from Seoul, South Korea.

Fessée Cul Nu
Painful trips to the seat of learning.

Steve - 3 the Belt
Women who like to spank.

Spanking Videos
Let the corporal punishment commence.

There are more Tumblrs than ever springing up - but there must be spanking-orientated writing blogs out there we are missing.  If you spot one or have started one yourself send me the link.

Have a fun weekend.



Thanks again to Bonnie.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Isn't it just the same with all of us, where our hands go straight away the minute we're told we're in trouble or going to be spanked?


Monday, 20 March 2017

A Smile for Today

Have a good week.


Picture from Consensual Spanking.

Friday, 17 March 2017

In with the New - St. Patrick's Day Edition

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish readers.

New blogs/Tumblrs. I hope you will find the top to stop by them and say hello.

Sensual Dominant
Male Dominant and his Dom/sub marriage.
Sharing, his, musings, insights, mistakes and what he has learned and continues to learn as married Dominant, trying to create our own unique blend of D/s in their married lives to create more peace, harmony, fun, love and excitement.

Just Spanking
The rod of correction works reliably every time.  So does the paddle, strap, hairbrush, and belt. 

Spanked Tiki 
Those burning, throbbing, aching sensations extend the punishment long after the actual spanking is completed.

Spanked to Tears
Bad girls get good spankings.

Bottom Karen
Spanking and touching.

My Spankings belong to one beautiful princess
Painfully punished posteriors.

Fessées, Fessable, Shorts
Women spanked, to be spanked, and might be spanked.

Spanking and Women
Spanking with some other things. 

CC by the Sea's Fantasy Playground
Spanking, and so much more.

Captioned Femdom Classic
Selected classic femdom situations. 

Spanking is Awesome
Women who like to spank.

Her thoughts and fantasies.

Naughty Girls and the Paddle
Good old fashioned US style school and home paddlings for naughty girls.

Spankings really hurt in any language.

Wanks for Spanks
Spanking pictures and related things.

Spanking Women
Gallery of spanking pictures.

Pick a Genre Already
H K  [Kymmie] Carlton - multi-published Canadian author of naughty romance and some other stuff. 

Tales from a Headmaster's Study
Punishment of naughty schoolgirls.

Fancy a Bit of Flap and Tickle
Over the knee they go again having apparently learned nothing from all of those previous bare bottomed spankings.

BDSM Stories
A collection of bdsm and fetish stories covering everything from slave training to submission fantasies.

Send me the links to any new spanking-orientated blogs you find. 

Have a fun weekend.


Thanks to Bonnie for bringing us some of these blogs.